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Friday, 18 December 2015

Girls mature faster than boys

Girls mature faster than boys.
New knowledge inspect suggests one why girls mature faster than boys during their teen years. As men and women age, their brains reorganize and modify connections. In this study, scientists examined wit scans from 121 sturdy people, aged 4 to 40. It's during this space that the major changes in intelligence connectivity occur provillus. The researchers discovered that although the overall multitude of connections is reduced, the wisdom preserves long-distance connections important for integrating information.

The findings might make plain why brain banquet doesn't decline - but instead improves - during this years of connection pruning, according to the scrutiny team. The researchers also found that these changes in understanding connections begin at an earlier age in girls than in boys vito mol. "Long-distance connections are nit-picking to establish and make a stand for but are crucial for fast and efficient processing," said contemplation co-leader Marcus Kaiser, of Newcastle University, in England.