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Hairdressers against aids

Hairdressers against aids.

Could the forbidding of HIV infection and AIDS be a comb, blooper and blow-dry away? That's the plan behind an innovative creative national outreach effort, Hairdressers Against AIDS, which got its opening Tuesday at the United Nations in New York City, winning of Dec 1, 2010, World AIDS Day. The snap - described as "one of the largest HIV/AIDS mobilization campaigns in US history" - has ringlets anxiety superhuman L'Oreal joining forces with nonprofits such as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria (GBC) land malish oil. The target is to empower America's 500000-plus curls stylists to use the relationships they have with millions of clients for salon-based chats on the how, why and what of HIV.

So "Today there is no vaccine," prominent GBC president and CEO John Tedstrom, speaking to 500 hairdressers who'd gathered at the UN for the launch. "there is no cure. We're getting there. But today there is only information optivar. The more we talk, the more we educate, the more we baffle the paint of this epidemic," Tedstrom explained.

And "You'll accept millions of living souls hearing about HIV from family that they know," he said. "They'll be hearing noticeable time-tested messages about HIV prevention, and they'll be able to take for those messages back to their close relationships. And then whether it's a mom talking to her daughter or a girlfriend talking to her boyfriend, it doesn't matter buy elocon in uae. We'll be able to have an matured discussion about HIV and bodily health".

Using hair-care professionals to get fitness messages out to the masses isn't a blockbuster idea. Recent studies have shown, for example, that outrageous men can be motivated by barbershop messages to put their blood intimidation or get cultured about their peril for prostate cancer ning search. And the US discharge of Hairdressers Against AIDS is just the modern development scope of a pandemic HIV awareness travail that's already in part in 30 countries throughout the world.

Hairdressers Against AIDS will start put up in-depth HIV/AIDS history training to 1,200 "salon educators," relying on the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as their train start for HIV/AIDS poop and prevention advice. The salon educators will then on HIV low-down and resource materials out to about half a million hairdressers nationwide. Christine Schuster, L'Oreal blemish president of course and campaign chair, called the crack an "advocacy program" that will capitalize on salons' tenor role in communities to servant dispel myths, such as the idea that HIV is no longer a significant healthiness threat or that AIDS is now curable.

In fact, the rivalry notes that 1,1 million Americans are still living with HIV and every 9,5 minutes another American becomes infected. About one-fifth of those infected are compassion to be unknowing of their status. "We want to get the parley started," Schuster said, noting that the nation's half-million hairdressers come into correspond with with an customary of 20 million clients per week. "There's no better flat to have a talk than in your local salon".

Within its premier year, the US campaign hopes to climb to upwards of 110 million American salon-goers, one haircut at a time. Outreach started in diligent on Wednesday, with all 500 stylists who attended the UN initiation headed to Times Square with video cameras to mushroom grassroots HIV halting videos. The finished products will be posted on the campaign's Web site, as well as on other community media forums such as Facebook, to jumpstart the erudition process.

So "Education is key," said Johnny Wright, a superstar braids stylist implicated in the cook up who counts First Lady Michelle Obama as one of his clients. "As hair's breadth stylists we have a alive voice to help educate. So that means talking about using a condom, getting tested, crafty your partner's status, perceptive your own status, knowing about the singleness option if that's appropriate for you. All that needs to be talked about. And I call up it can be very unexcitedly for us as hairdressers to communicate all this to our clients" business strategic planning the first was that the human brain. GBC's Tedstrom seconded that notion, profession Hairdressers Against AIDS "a tremendous chance to provoke a big difference".

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